Spring 2024 Round-Up, part 2: Videos and Social Media

Part 1 of this update collected written work published or found since last year’s end-of-Summer round-up.
Here, we focus mainly on videos, podcasts, and social media resources related to monotropism. Some of these are from 2023 but have only recently entered our attention tunnel. This is likely just the tip of the ice, reflecting some of the resources that are currently being shared. Feel free to add any other resources you come across and find valuable in the comments at the end of this page.

Murray, F. (2023, September 20). Monotropism and wellbeing [Video]. YouTube. Some extracts from this are on Fergus’s TikTok, with videos of water:

I’m Autistic, Now What? (2023, October 1). The Best Theory of Autism you’ve probably NEVER heard of. . . [Video]. (YouTube).

Suddenly Autistic. (2021, August 21). Recognising the root of many of my problems: Monotropic mindset + autism [Video]. (YouTube).

Suzan Issa (Raising a Wild Child) and Fergus Murray (Oct, 2023). Monotropism and Education (Facebook)

The Autistic Researcher, Patrick Abec. (2023, October 3). SPECIAL GUEST: Richard Woods EPISODE 45 [Video]. (YouTube). Richard Woods is a guest on the episode of Neurodiverse Couples Coaching & Research.

Tara Kent, Reframing Autism. (Oct 2023). Monotropism (video) (FaceBook)

Sneha Kohli Mathur. (2021, June 23). Understanding the lived experiences of Autism: Sneha Kohli Mathur Dissertation Defense[Video]. (YouTube). 

I’m Autistic, Now What? (2023a, October 22). How Autistic is Your Mind? [Video]. (YouTube). 

Orion Kelly – That Autistic Guy. (2023, October 31). Autism explained differently – take the NEW quiz now [Video]. (YouTube). 

Autistic AF. (2023, October 17). Is Monotropism the best theory of Autism? #actuallyautistic [Video]. (YouTube).

All Neurotypes Office. (2022, March 28). Introduction to autism, monotropism, and the double empathy gap [Video]. (YouTube).

AJ’s Brain. (2023, December 15). Monotropism | AJ’s brain [Video]. (YouTube). 

David Gray-Hammond, (Emergent Divergence). (2023, September 19). What is monotropic split? [Video]. (YouTube). 

I’m Autistic, Now What? (2023, December 21). The 4 types of autistic Masking [Video]. (YouTube). 

The Autistic Culture Podcast. (2024, January 14). EP 38 Productivity [Video]. (YouTube). 

Frank Psychology. (2023, April 10). A cognitive strategy connected to autism | Frank Psychology [Video]. (YouTube). 

Neuroaffirming Mom. (2024, January 24). Discussing the Monotropism questionnaire & how monotropism has led to issues in Autism research [Video]. (YouTube). 
This is really interesting – they have linked the MQ to the paper by Grissom et al (2023) Verbal fluency and autism: Reframing current data through the lens of monotropism.

A.J’s Brain (Oct 2023) Monotropism challenges the theories describing autistic thinking as rigid, restrictive or ‘being on their own agenda’(Facebook)

Autimedes. (2024, February 7). List of potential Monotropism Questionnaire (MQ) Research Topics. [Video]. (YouTube).

I am MindBlind. (2024, February 12). Understanding Monotropism and what it has to do with Autism [Video]. (YouTube). 

Old Geezer Gaymer. (2024, March 9). Wait. . . Isn’t this how EVERYONE thinks? | Autism and Monotropism [Video]. (YouTube).

AuDHD Flourishing. (2024, January 26) Mattia Mauree with Fergus Murray, Monotropism Might Explain Everything (Podcast)

Monotropism is also discussed in the episodes Managing Big Feelings; Autism “Levels” and Monotropism; and How Much Time Does Creating Take? (Poscast)

David Gray-Hammond (Emergent Divergence), Tanya Adkin, & Fergus Murray, (2024, February 12). (Education, Monotropism and Wellbeing with Fergus Murray, David Gray-Hammond Tanya Adkin [Video]. (YouTube).

Wikireader (2023). Wikireader on Monotropism (Youtube)

Dr. Monica Jackman (OpenMind), (2023) Engagement over Compliance (Instagram)

Fergus Murray (2024), I’m Monotropic… Now What? for TikTok (TikTok)

Anthony Ranpreet (2023) Ranpreet Anthony SEP on Monotropism & Autistic Inertia (FaceBook)

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