• The Adult Autism Assessment Handbook (and video)
    The Adult Autism Assessment Handbook is the first serious attempt to provide an in-depth guide for anyone conducting adult assessments for autism. This long-overdue book has been written from a neurodiversity-affirming perspective, by a team of neurotypical and neurodivergent authors, so naturally it talks about monotropism in some depth. The book’s deep dive into autistic perception is available as a free download. Written by Jessica K. Doyle who also narrates the above […]
  • Wenn Lawson on 1800 Seconds on Autism
    The new series of Jamie Knight and Robyn Steward’s excellent podcast 1800 Seconds on Autism is out, and it features an interview with Wenn Lawson talking about monotropism under the title ‘Monotropism has changed my life’! Jamie’s also started a Tunnels Not Tasks Twitter account, and is slowly working on more content around this theme…
  • Translating this site
    If you’re potentially interested in translating any of the materials on this site into your own language, please sign up here! Reaching an international audience is a high priority for me (Fergus). In much of the world, non-autistic specialists dominate the discourse around autism even more than they do in the English-speaking world. This is probably because autistic communities spread across different countries have often defaulted to English, as the most commonly […]
  • Theory Vs Trait
    Originally a Twitter thread. I want to talk a bit about Monotropism as a theory of autism vs. monotropism as a cognitive trait. The first thing to say is that it was always both: the trait was identified because it seemed to explain so much about autistic experience. Dinah Murray (that’s my mum) started thinking about this around 1991, and first presented on it at the Durham autism conference in 1992. @WennLawson […]
  • Audio: podcasts etc.
    For those who like to take things in through their ears, here’s a collection of audio-only resources relating to monotropism. If we’re missing any, please let us know!

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