Dinah’s Recordings

Productive Irritant

Recordings by and/or featuring Dr Dinah Murray, “recording life”.

Read Art … a positive necessity of life about autistic artist Ferenc Virag, and see some art he produced in the mid 90s:

Something About Us, a film about the rights and voice of autistic people by Dinah Murray and Jes Benstock:

Marxism and Autism (2020)

Paul Wady interviews Dinah:

“Autistic Grandmother and legendary researcher Dr Dinah Murray”
Dinah’s old friend Robyn Carston talks autism, monotropism and linguistics with her

Dinah discusses autism and life with her grandson and daughter-in-law
A political angle on autism with Dinah and her friend Janine Booth
Dinah and Fergus discuss Monotropism with John Offord
From Autism Stories: an interview with an emphasis on implications of theory for understanding autism
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