Building the Dinah Murray Archive

Fergus Murray

We started this site with all of Dinah’s writing that was already online on her Productive Irritant site, and some of her work that we were able to pull from the Wayback Machine’s archive of her old Autism & Computing site, previously lost to the internet. Panda Mery has been a huge help with this.

Over time I have been slowly filling in gaps in this archive – she was always in favour of her work being freely available online, and I have been able to pull in chapters and papers from various sources.

Most recently I have added:

Two omissions in particular still stand out: we still don’t have Dinah’s 1992 Durham paper where she first introduced the concepts of monotropism and attention tunnels, “Attention Tunnelling and Autism”; or her 1993 paper “Autism: A Mind-Body Problem”.

If anyone has access to either of these, probably in a university library, please get in touch!

Dinah looks content, wearing a starfield t-shirt and rubbing her dog's belly.
Dinah with Frankie in 2020.

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